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Verticutting :

Vert-i-cutting is an aggressive process to remove thatch buildup in the lawn so turf can breathe easy, better absorb nutrients, and soak in much-needed moisture. Thatch is a dense woven layer of dead plant debris at the base of the grass blades. Over time, this layer thickens, blocks fertilizer, water and air from the roots, can lead to lawn diseases and kill the grass. If your lawn feels spongy under foot, its time to remove thatch by verticutting.

The mechanical process is a deep cleaning of the turf, with rotating vertical blades slicing through the turf dredging up compacted plant debris. When a verticutter passes over a section of turf, results are visible.

Cleanup is required as a great amount of debris is brought to the lawn surface and must be removed to avoid reversing the verticut benefit. Sure, it can be dirty work, but its simple. We offer three options to fit your budget:

Verticutting Service is available April through June.

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