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Natural Area and Flowerbed Weed Control :

Are you constantly fighting weeds in your natural areas & flowerbeds? GreenScapes Shrub & Turf, Inc can take care of them the professional way. We have a 3-Step Program that prevents and removes persistent weeds.

Late Winter: February - March. We will apply a blanket of Pre-Emergent on your Natural Areas and/or Flower Beds to prevent late spring weeds. Pre-Emergent for flower beds is designed to last 4-6 months. Any existing weeds will be spot treated with post emergent herbicide at this time.

Early Summer: June- July. We will treat any existing weeds with selective post emergent herbicides as pre-emergent cannot control everything incoming.

Early Fall: September- October. We will apply a blanket Pre-Emergent to prevent any early spring weeds. If any weeds do emerge between scheduled visits, contact us, and we'll retreat problem areas at no additional charge.