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Fire Ant Management :

Fire Ant Proof Your Lawn

The red imported "Fire Ant" is a common nuisance in the Southern US, spreading and thriving in our warm, sunny climate. Fire Ants are aggressive and have stingers to inject venom into its prey and intruders. The stings are very painful and can be fatal to allergic persons or animals.

With ONE SINGLE APPLICATION of TOPCHOICE early in the year, you can expect 95% CONTROL of Fire Ants for the ENTIRE YEAR! GUARANTEED!*

The active ingredient, Fipronil, has been used world wide on cats and dogs for flea & tick control. So, not only will you get Fire Ant prevention, it will also reduce any fleas and ticks for 3 to 4 months. Topchoice is a responsible choice for use around animals and humans. Guaranteed! If a new mound reappears in the treated area, we will re-treat the new mounds free of charge.*

This application is available January through Mid March.

*Topchoice will only control Red Imported Fire Ants